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Scholastic Journeys' Tours and Prices are Hard to Beat! 

What’s Included

·         Custom planning to your specifications

·         Free tour proposals

·         Detailed final itinerary

·         Knowledgeable & experienced tour escorts & guides

·         Transportation arrangements (if requested)

·         Hotel accommodations - Personal hotel check-ins for many group arrivals

·         Professional overnight hotel security (if requested)

·         Meals

·         24 Hour cell phone assistance while on tour

·         Scholastic Journeys' buying power keeping your costs lower

·         Expert knowledge base of the destinations

·         Unsurpassed commitment to customer service

Our Promise: To strictly adhere to professional, financial, and ethical standards.

Our Passion: To provide your students with the best in everything we do.


What’s HOT !
Top 4 student destinations
·         Washington DC
·         New York City
·         Philadelphia
·         Colonial Williamsburg & Charlottesville, VA

Scholastic Journeys Student Tours




Scholastic Journeys offers years of experience in planning and operating school and youth trips. Scouts and youth organizations from around the globe have used our expertise to plan their trips. Overnight tours, field trips, band & chorus performance trips, science, historic, educational student tours, international and foreign language clubs, are but a few of the many areas of interest in which students and educators choose Scholastic Journeys as their tour operator. Popular East Coast destinations like Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Colonial Williamsburg, Baltimore, Annapolis, Boston, Atlanta, and Orlando are in our backyard. Elementary schools, middle schools, and high school overnight trips are arranged to your specifications. Accommodations, transportation, overnight security, meals, attractions, and special requests are the norm. This comes with the best and most competitive prices in the student travel industry. Rest assured, your students are traveling with a premier student tour operator.


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